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Topics being Covered:

·         Understanding Negative Energy and How to Bring Positivity to your Crystals.

·         Cleansing and Why you Should Cleanse your Crystals.

·         Best Crystals for Prosperity

·         Mindfulness and understanding why it’s important when handling crystals.

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Crystals for Beginners

The Basics

Finding your Ideal Crystal

The 4 C’s

Finding the One

Understanding Negative Energy

The Four Elements & Astrology

Terminology Part I & II

How to Choose the Right Crystal

Buying from a Reputable Source

9 Ways Cleaning your Crystals

Restoring Balance and The Four Elements

Crystals for Intermediates

Meditation Fundamentals

Meditating with Crystals

Establishing your Mediation Ritual

Universal Life Force

Healing with Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Throat Chakra – Turquoise

Healing with Crystals - Heart Chakra – Green

Healing with Crystals - Olive Colored Crystals

Healing with Crystals - The Solar Plexus – Yellow Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Gold Crystals

Healing with Crystals - The Sacral Chakra - Orange Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Scarlet Crystals

Healing with Crystals - The Base Chakra – Red Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Amethyst Crystals

Healing with Crystals - The Crown Chakra - Violet Crystals

Healing with Crystals – The Third Eye - Indigo Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Blue Crystals

Crystals for Advance

Feng Shui & Elements

Feng Shui & Bagua

Feng Shui & Placement in the Home

Feng Shui & Placement outside the home

Feng Shui & In the Office

Crystals in the Garden

Crystals for Pets

Crystals for Astrology

Crystal Real vs. Fake

Crystal Facts

Crystal Study Guide

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