Larvikite: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

This article gives a complete comprehension of what Larvikite is, with the complete guide to Larvikite on the internet.

12/28/202310 min read

What is Larvikite?

Larvikite is a mysterious stone and a generous one that has protecting abilities and healing effects. Its features hold a strong bond with the spirits of Nature and our connectivity from the Earth's energy.

Knowing that Larvikite was here a long time ago (298 million years ago, to be exact), it was only accidentally mined in Norway in 1884. Larvikite was first discovered as a regular volcanic rock. The stone is a family member of Feldspar. It is well known for its magic features and appearance that sparkles on its ground like the Milky Way galaxy.

Larvikite Meaning

Larvikite is also known as Black Moonstone, although it is not a Moonstone. It is believed that the stone would protect you from any harm, and if you're not in good shape, the stone will cleanse all the evil and negative vibe with your body and increase the positive Chakra throughout the day.

Black in color, Larvikite is a natural beauty that shines at night like a star in the galaxy. You can see it from afar shining at night in its place when you want one. Not only that, it is believed to have so many abilities to make even though it is only a rock. A beautiful indeed and a collectible one too.

Healing Properties of Larvikite

Larvikite is a rock and a protecting stone that protects you from negative energy. Its features linking on the Root Chakra aids the Larvikite strength, connectivity to Earth's presence, and pleasing the positive vibes of the spirit's natures. Larvikite is a water element in terms of its attribute. When it resides within the lake or any bodies of water, the Larvikite is most active.

Having a bad day is normal; you need something that makes your mood and mind at peace. Larvikite here promotes inner peace and strength to one's intellect, creativity, and knowledge. It also increases the clarity in one's soul and psychic abilities by seeing oneself in the highest form.

Feelings and Emotional Healing

Larvikite assists you in reason, guiding your brain from complex decisions and helping you throughout sensible judgments. The majestic and beauty of the stone teaches you patience and to achieve one's goal. It supports you to change and adjust the old you by opening many opportunities to become the best version of yourself.

Having Larvikite in your room makes you invincible from the negative energy lurking all over the place. When you are sleeping, this rock will guard you throughout the night to feel safe and have a comfortable feeling in your house.


Larvikite also teaches your mind to be one with your soul and body. It provides the user knowledge and learnings to new things that will execute their plan according to reality. Larvikite is one of the best brain stimulants that decipher complicated circumstances.

It will assist you in weighing the benefits and drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision. This stone help sharpen your memory and increase the capacity of your recall. It will broaden your perspective on life, success, and failure, as well as the true meaning of life and prosperity.


Disclaimer: Medicational Rocks help your life and well-being, but if any symptoms persist, call the help of a professional.

Larvikite increases your body's physical attributes by cleansing and removing negative energy that blocks your potential vitality and youthfulness. You can use it to treat skin disorders, help you with some muscular detoxification, and improve your rate of metabolism to achieve weight loss.

Larvikite can cure anxiety and depression by using its positive energy to tow away all your body's foreign and negative energy. It is a natural potent negative energy dispeller. It calms the tension in your body and relieves stress. Sometimes, it can be used as a talisman to protect the user from misfortune and always let the positive energy flow. You can now enjoy every moment of your life with the help of Larvikite.


Suppose you ever feel unsafe and want to leave the area immediately because you are feeling eerie and hostile energy flows in. In that case, Larvikite helps you to drive them away and deflect all unwanted energies within your vicinity. An excellent stone can be placed on the northeast side of your home to have prosperity and positivity in everyone's house.

Larvikite promotes good health and balance for everyone who has it, and the stone will clear all the negative energy. For example, it will give positive energy to the whole room and spread good vibrations with all its people.

Wearing Larvikite

Having Larvikite by your side doesn't change its value and effectiveness like any other gemstone. Having Larvikite on your desk while working or even carrying it when you're on your trips still protects you. It is also a perfect ornament for your room.

Larvikite purifies the energy and helps promote equilibrium and health for whoever visits your room because it is the best to remove harmful energy.

Larvikite at Home and Work

Although it is dark in color, Larvikite is the best tool to relax and ease your mind at work. It brings serenity and calmness to one's mind having Larvikite at your side. The positive energy flowing through the stone helps you to be motivated at work and productivity.

Imagine working 24 hours a day, and nothing is there to soothe your mind while working. It is best to have Larvikite at work so you have positive energy flowing in you. It also removes the blandness of your work area because Larvikite is the best display too.

Meditation with Larvikite

Choosing Larvikite to be your meditation partner is the best decision ever. It is best for improving your amazing physical and mental body. The Larvikite keeps you safe every day, even when traveling or meditating, even on your way to the cosmic self.

The Larvikite is well-known for its characteristic as a profound purifying and ground stone perfect for your meditation. Allowing the free will of positive energy to flow in your body, Larvikite removes and blocks all the passages from negative energies for you to meditate at peace.

People and Relationship

Larvikite is an expert in all-knowing when it comes to people and relationships. This majestic stone has a lot of advice to provide, like how it will teach you the true meaning of patience, like the Blue Dumortierite Quartz with similar energy. Another thing that you can learn when having Larvikite is that things may not be siding on your part right now, but learning to wait until they do will make you a fortified person in the future.

In terms of relationships, whether it is for love or friendship, beautiful things are on their way now. Just all you need to do is wait. As the Larvikite wise stone advises you, learning to wait patiently will make the experience the best for you, and they will be well worth the wait for sure.

Larvikite Crystal Therapies

Others have worn Larvikite as a necklace to ease their mind and protect their spirits from negative energy. Wearing Larvikite around your neck makes everything lighter because all the negative and unwanted energies are blocked and deflected by the necklace to keep you from harm.

Larvikite replaced earthly things because of its powers and charm. Some may wear it as a bracelet to reduce their physical tiredness after work or in everyday routine, some to reduce their level of loneliness. Larvikite stone is also comparable to labradorite, which has substantial protective effects against negative energy.

Larvikite and Chakras

Larvikite lets you channel in your inner transformation to help you adapt to change, accepting and understanding the benefits that may arise. As the old saying says, "The world is constantly changing; thus, change is unavoidable." One must be able to surge between the high tides to personally and spiritually progress in this world.

Larvikite allows people to tap into their inner Chakra and let it resolve naturally. The distress you're experiencing will vanish, and this majestic stone will help you get through with all of the challenging situations you're facing.

Larvikite has a unique way to boost your Root Chakra. This Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara or Base, is located in the center of our bodies and souls. Our Root Chakra contains our primary life force. An open Root Chakra can allow energy to flow freely throughout our body, which is excellent news to Larvikite because they can contribute positive energy easily and freely within our bodies.

Larvikite Shapes and Forms

Larvikite has an oval natural shape palm stone. There's a lot of various shapes of a gemstone, rocks, or stones that are mostly round and have no definite shape but Larvikite, on the other hand, has a unique oval shape with the size of 2" to 2.5" cm. Good and so portable when holding and putting it inside your pocket to carry all the time.

Larvikite is a natural black stone that makes it exceptionally beautiful and appealing to the eyes to whom it may interest. The style of the Larvikite is to display it or put it alongside your pedestal to have more life in it.

Larvikite Crystal Combinations

The Larvikite stone can be combined with anything because of its highly produced positive energy alone. Larvikite is a mild type of stone, so that it can be mixed easily with other crystals out there. It's not like that you're going to benefit from combining Larvikite with others because what will happen is that there's going to be no issue at all.

You can combine Larvikite with Clear Quartz or Selenite with no problem at all. As mentioned above, the Larvikite’s positive energy is so much that even if you don't combine it with others, it will still be very effective.

Larvikite Origin

The history of Larvikite is so old. The Larvikite was first originated from the area called Permian. The Larvikite is a rock formed from the border of the Earth's crust and mantle, later on, pushed itself on the surface.

The name "Larvikite" is derived from where they found it, a region in Norway called Larvik. Though it is believed that this majestic stone was formed a hundred million years ago, it has been mined only since 1884 in the town of Larvik in Norway.

Larvikite Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Larvikite is an Aquarius when it comes to zodiac with the element of water. Aquarius is the eleventh member of the zodiac and is known as the water bearer. That's why it was contemplated with the element of water. Aquarius shows the eagerness for wealth and success, most well known for their creativity and individuality. Even if they need to step up their game and do it alone, they will still do it.

Intelligence to Aquarius means that they need the most unpopular opinion, to be exact. It is believed that Aquarius often least themselves with others. That's why they're always called an outcast. Larvikite is truly an Aquarius because it can stand alone without the need for other gemstones' accompaniment. Aquarius is also described as charming; like this Gemstone, Larvikite is a majestic stone with the charm and beauty that attracts and appeals to our eyes.

Larvikite Energy Color

Every Gemstone has a color that represents them, and every one of them is unique in its way. Larvikite, for example, consists of Bluish Grey, Dark and Light Bluish Grey that has golden brown overtones. Some of the characteristics and meaning of these colors are:

Bluish Grey or Livid in design terms is used to describe anger. This color represents separation and dreariness, but it also adds a level of professionalism and perfection to your designs when applied.

Dark Bluish Grey or Misty Blue is associated with the mood of dawn. It represents confidence, being peaceful and loyal. Misty Blue is an elegant and classic color that appeals to the eyes and has a soothing and relaxing mood.

Light Bluish Grey color is always regarded as the mood's always solemn. It also represents sophistication and professionalism in life. Larvikite's Light Bluish Color compromises the intellect and diplomatic mood of a thing.

How to Care for and Cleanse Larvikite

Caring for your Gemstone is like caring for your child. It is fragile and needs a regular checkup, always put it into their compartment or in a box when you're not using them. Use cloth pouches to prevent it from scratches, don't overexpose it in the sun because the Gemstone's color and polish might fade. Always gently wipe at your Larvikite with a lint-free cloth after exposing it to the public to remove dust and foreign substances.

Think twice if you think your gem is only for your pleasure and collection because it also has a life. Do often check up on them and place the gem close to your ear, and you can hear them. When you gently shake the gem and hear a rattling sound, the gem might be loosed and need some repair as soon as possible to be new again.

Do a scheduled cleaning program for your Larvikite. You can use soap that has not had many chemicals in it and gently cleans your Gemstone. Soak them with water. If it's relatively dirty, use a toothbrush to brush the Gemstone but be careful not to brush hard because it might cause dents.

After cleaning it, you need to wipe it very gently using a moist cloth. Gently rub and wipe the Gemstone until it reaches the glossy that you want to achieve.

How to Program Larvikite

Larvikite is a powerful stone that can make you and the Earth's energy become one. Channeling your inner spirit to connect with Nature's spirit can be achieved by using Larvikite. When you're meditating, nothing is impossible, and the help of Larvikite which enhances your meditative experience, will make you enjoy being alone and quiet in a room traveling to the astral world.

Final Thoughts on Larvikite

Larvikite is indeed a majestic and wonderful stone. A very powerful and intelligent that will help you to work with your energies. The Larvikite stone also determines who your real friends are and who's stabbing your back. Larvikite helps you also to see the people's interest with you if they're real or not.

It also supports you from your emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and healing process when you take care of it and let the positive energy flows in you. You'll gain a lot of knowledge about things you didn't know before, and it may lead to an opening with a new career and friends in your life.

The stone encourages you to be not too needy and emotional about every little thing in this world. Don't depend too much on Gemstones because you're still the architect of your life. Gemstones are here to support us and give positive energy in life and destroy negativities. If you don't help yourself first, then the need for Gemstone will go to waste, so live your life what you want to be and always remember to have a lucky stone beside you at all times. Always make good use of the chances.




Larvikite is an igneous rock, specifically a variety of monzonite, notable for the presence of thumbnail-sized crystals of feldspar




Translucent, Opaque


Rock with the A/CNK molar ratio (Al2O3/(CaO+Na2O+K2O) = 0.94 and the A/NK ratio (Al2O3/(Na2O+K2O) = 1.44













Maintains emotional health


Supports spiritual well-being